Преподаватели английского

Носители языка (США, Великобритания, Австралия, Канада)

Patricia Rena

Patricia is an American living outside of Stockholm, Sweden. She has taught European and Asian ESL students for the past seven years. She has a BA in Political Science and International Studies from Georgia Southern University in Atlanta. She completed her Certificate in Teaching Methodology TESOL from the UK. She has varied teaching experience ranging from: Young Learners, Language through Art and Storytelling, English for Special and Academic Purposes, Specialized Business English ( Law, Manufacturing, IT/ E-Commerce, Marketing, Management, Communications, and Asset Management), General Business English ( Introductions, Presentations, Negotiating, Atmosphere / Culture - from American, Asian, and European perspectives). ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский

John K.

John is a certified CELTA ESL Teacher with 140+ hours in training to teach English as a second language. John motivates his students to reach their fullest potential. Currently, he teaches English online to students in South Korea, tutors an elementary school student in Dolch and tutors an adult in grammar. John has taught English to children and adults in South Korea. Additionally, he has volunteered as a classroom ESL tutor at the Emily Griffith Technical College Refugee Center in Denver, Colorado. While at the Refugee Center, he taught immigrants and refugees how to read, spell and pronounce vocabulary. John ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский

Lucas Hilty

Lucas is a CELTA-certified English teacher and curriculum editor. Having trained in linguistics at college and studied several languages, Lucas enjoys the challenge of helping others grow in their language ability. Although teaching meaning, form, and pronunciation is critical, Lucas strives to engage the learner in a natural experience of the new language. This means that, whenever possible, new words and concepts will be supported visually or using stories and other methods that the students already understand. 
Lucas believes in presenting material in a natural way, focusing on the context of the lesson and the human or professional interest it ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Martin is a native English speaker now living in the south of France. Prior to moving to France in 2005, he worked in the banking sector as an accountant for 20 years and then as an IT consultant and trainer for 10 years. In France he continues to teach IT to adults at the local college and library in French and English. He is an examination marker for the British Computer Society and City & Guild certified to teach adults.
TEFL qualified, he teaches English to groups and individuals of all ages and levels of competence. He also offers ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский, Business English, IT

Bill R.

Bill is a native of Dallas, Texas, has a BS degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University and has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico for the last year and a half. He loves the cultural diversity of Mexico and is currently learning Spanish. Before moving to Mexico, Bill finished a career in professional sales and consulting for General Motors as a product development manager. He discovered that he enjoyed helping others improve their skills in business relationships and selling techniques. That experience combined with his love for the English language, which he acquired from his consistent habit of reading novels, ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Beth is American and was born in New York. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. She was selected to receive a fellowship at SUNY New Paltz to obtain her Master’s degree with an emphasis in Migrant Studies. She is also a certified Elementary School teacher who has taught children from the inner city as well as children with Special Needs in upstate NY. She has also taught Adult ESOL students how to use the computer and how to use the MS Office suite of applications. Along with her teaching experience, Beth also has fifteen years’ experience working in multinational corporations ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Dean is a Canadian native speaker English teacher living in Germany. After graduating with a diploma in Theatre Arts from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada, Dean worked for 20 years in the performing arts. He has a wide variety of experiences in other sectors as well ,including oil & gas, logistics, education management and forest protection. Dean is currently completing a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Behavior.
Страна: Canada
Специализация: Разговорный английский


At University I obtained a Higher National Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management and worked for several years in the licensed trade. Then I worked for several years in Drivers Legal Protection. Wanting a change of lifestyle I decided to move to France and became a qualified CELTA teacher. What I discovered was more than a job; teaching has become a passion. I have now been living in France for four years and during this time I have provided English courses for individuals, businesses and schools.  I specialise in teaching English for nursing and am employed by two colleges ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский

John O'D.

John has been teaching English for 6 years to both adults and children in Spain, Belgium and Nicaragua. John received a Celta (Relsa) certificate with a grade A in 2003. John's style of teaching English is  fun and dynamic and he believes that practice makes perfect. 

Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Bart is British and was born in London, England. He currently lives in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. He speaks with a clear and crisp Standard British Accent. He is twenty-seven years old. He has taught English to European, Asian and Arabic students in many locations around the world. He has a B.Sc. in Information Technology and a B.A. in English from University College London. He has a varied teaching experience and enjoys talking to learners of English both online and over the phone. He has been teaching English online for the last 3 years. He has also ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Jonathan has spent 40 years of his life living in England, including in London for the last 12 years. Currently he lives near Turin, in northern Italy. He completed the following university courses: degree in law - Wales, Magistrates Court qualification - Wales, diploma in law - London, CELTA - Cambridge University, ordinary national diploma in Construction studies - Reading, paramedical qualification - military and general English studies at secondary school. He has got more than 3 years’ experience teaching English, legal English and business English and has practiced law in excess of 10 years. He has also worked as ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский


April is a very patient teacher and will allow the student to try to answer correctly without interrupting. She thinks today's biggest challenge is when the teachers do not give enough credit to the students and become impatient with them. She is sure that making mistakes is a part of learning process, a language is not learned in a day, and she knows that students will need lots of motivation to continue their journey into the English language. She tries to make it not only fun for her students, but gratifying as well with advancements and achievements.
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Olga is a graduate of Moscow Teacher Training University, besides she has a diploma in economics and marketing. Therefore her career developed in both these fields. Olga acted as a tutor of English for several years after graduating from the University, along with the work for international FMCG company, where she had an opportunity to improve her skills in business English. Also she has a work experience as a translator. Olga has taught all ages, from schoolchildren to adults and is a friendly and interesting teacher. She focuses her teaching on Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversational English. What Olga really enjoys ...
Страна: UK, Россия
Специализация: Разговорный английский

Amy Louise

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German Literature and am TESOL certified. I have lived and taught in Austria and South Korea, and my travel experience extends to Ireland, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Israel, and the Philippines. I have experience teaching all ages and all levels. I have taught conversational and Business English, as well as writing and literature classes. As a result of my travels and experience abroad I am a compassionate teacher, who remains sensitive to students cultural and learning backgrounds.
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Glen is a passionate and dedicated English teacher who strives on the success of his students. 
He has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of English including exam preparation, general English, grammar and specialized topics.
Glen has a patient, friendly teaching style, whilst maintaining a fun and informative learning environment.
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский

Mike Sh.

Michael is a New Zealander with a BA degree in Education. He has been living and working abroad for the last 25 years and is now resident in Ecuador,where he lives with his wife and chlidren. Michael has been teaching ESL for the last 17 years and during that time has taught in educational institutions such as colleges and universities. He has also been the provider of ESL classes to companies like the American petroleum conglomerate Nabors and the South African brewing giant SAB Miller. He has taught all age groups at all levels and specializes in the preparation of ...
Страна: New Zealand, USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский


Clare is a British lady living in France. She likes bodyboarding, tennis, scuba diving, cycling, yoga, travelling, photography and the history of the Earth. She has 8 years teaching experience. For the last 3 years she has been teaching French, Italian and Spanish businessmen, one to one (via telephone or Skype). She has taught for over 3500 hours. Companies include Alexionpharma, Lamberti, Mercedes Benz, La Poste, Yoplait, SNCF, Illy Cafe and Cuatre Casas. Clare has experience teaching althletes face to face from Japan, Peru, Brazil, France and Portugal and has also taught school children. Clare will write a report during ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский, французский


Rory is a native English teacher from the UK with over five years experience teaching English to students around the world, including South Korea, Berlin and online. He is an experienced teacher of general English, business English, academic English and preparation for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. He is comfortable tutoring students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. He has taught all age groups, from kindergarten, elementary and high school to adults. He is experienced in teaching from curricula as well as designing lessons around the needs of individual students. Rory's online lessons generally revolve around a speaking ...
Страна: UK
Специализация: Разговорный английский

Judith M.

I'm from the United States, now currently living in Italy.
I am a TEFL/TESOL Certified Teacher with a Specialist Certificate for Young Learners, Business and Advanced Grammar.
I love to light the fires of imagination and encourage others to learn more about their world. Learning should be fun and creative, never preaching, always teaching.
A financial and marketing consultant in various business sectors, I have also worked with children and adults with disabilities using pet therapy, and am a teacher of classical ballet.
I am also Ambassador to Italy for World Animal Day, an international charity focusing on ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский, TOEFL, IELTS

Elin Stober

Директор по развитию проекта "Английский по телефону", старший преподаватель.

Элин - профессиональный бизнес-консультант, специалист по кросс-культурным и корпоративным коммуникациям. Более 4-х лет работала в Госдепартаменте США, руководила подразделениями в крупных промышленных холдингах и сервисных компаниях в России и Швеции. Обладает большим опытом управления крупными проектами, внедрения корпоративных систем менеджмента. Имеет высшее лингвистическое образование, в настоящий момент получает степень MBA. Элин проводит занятия в рамках бизнес-курсов английского языка.

Страна: Россия, USA
Специализация: Business English

Екатерина С.

Ekaterina is a teacher of English as a foreign language, journalist, blogger and Europe-lover. Having graduated from the Pedagogical University, the Department of Foreign Languages, Ekaterina worked as a personal translator for one of the biggest Russian holdings.

She kept giving private lessons in English at the time. After that she was offered a job at an international press center. Being done with the Master thesis Ekaterina prolonged her education at the Free University of Berlin, one of the best universities in Germany. She was offered a job in a big PR agency there. Now she lives in ...
Страна: Россия, Германия
Специализация: Разговорный английский, немецкий


Татьяна проживает в США и имеет опыт преподавания английского и русского языков взрослым и детям как в России, так и в Америке. Она терпеливо и доходчиво объясняет грамматику, используя многочисленные примеры. Уделяет внимание разговорному английскому, а также фонетике и новой лексике. В России, в университете Татьяна изучала британский вариант английского, а сейчас, проживая в США и постоянно общаясь на американском английском, она всегда в процессе урока отмечает разницу этих двух видов языка. Для тех, кто интересуется культурой, традициями и обычаями американской жизни, Татьяна может рассказать обо всем этом в своей "фразе дня" в конце каждого занятия. Татьяна очень серьезный и ...
Страна: USA
Специализация: Разговорный английский

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