Bill R.

Bill is a native of Dallas, Texas, has a BS degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University and has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico for the last year and a half. He loves the cultural diversity of Mexico and is currently learning Spanish. Before moving to Mexico, Bill finished a career in professional sales and consulting for General Motors as a product development manager. He discovered that he enjoyed helping others improve their skills in business relationships and selling techniques. That experience combined with his love for the English language, which he acquired from his consistent habit of reading novels, gave him the courage to change his career path. Bill graduated with distinction from ITTO (International Teachers Training Organization) in Guadalajara in December 2009 and was awarded the TEFL teaching certificate. Since then, he has enjoyed tutoring individual adult students in English using the communicative approach. He has an incredible passion for photography, a wonderful sense of humor and is very likable. His new passion is helping others learn and speak English.

Специальность: Разговорный английский

Страна: USA

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