Rory is a native English teacher from the UK with over five years experience teaching English to students around the world, including South Korea, Berlin and online. He is an experienced teacher of general English, business English, academic English and preparation for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. He is comfortable tutoring students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. He has taught all age groups, from kindergarten, elementary and high school to adults. He is experienced in teaching from curricula as well as designing lessons around the needs of individual students. Rory's online lessons generally revolve around a speaking or reading subject. For speaking, he chooses a topic that can be used as a starter for conversation. His aim is to give the student practice and confidence in speaking. At suitable moments he will point out interesting language the student used, examples of good language in use as well as problematic language. For reading, he will generally choose a passage or article for the student to read before the lesson. He will ask comprehension questions as well as elucidate any vocabulary or language forms that the student is not familiar with. This can lead on to a discussion around the topic of the reading.

Специальность: Разговорный английский

Страна: UK

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